Touristic development strategy and an application to inform potential tourists on the potential of the Uricani Touristic Area



Negative image caused by social phenomena, lack of accessibility, industrial pollution left by former mining units, the presence of disused and polluting industrial units with a negative visual impact, misuse of the forest base and the state of degradation of many buildings and monuments.


The local authorities of the city of Uricani have taken measures to develop and promote the tourism industry in the area that manages it. Thus, there are strategies or plans for marketing this area on the domestic market, but there is a need to establish in agreement with the rest of public administrations in the Petroșani Depression – Jiu Valley clear and well-defined directions of activity for local organisations and administrations to support more efficient efforts to develop national tourism and the areas that manage them.

Uricani’s strengths as a tourist destination include the diversity of national parks and protected natural areas – about 20% of the city’s surface – Retezat National Park, Coral Cave, Zeic Cave, forests, lakes and unpolluted rivers, diversity of national parks and areas. protected natural areas located near the locality: Domogled National Park – Cerna Valley, Jiu Gorge National Park, Dinosaur Geopark, Arcanu protected areas, etc., large number of caves, good natural conditions for dynamic tourism activities – ski touring, freeride, snowboarding , hiking, horseback riding, cycling, speotourism, mountaineering, climbing, nature walks and forest – forest therapy, etc . Starting with 2015, the city of Uricani was probably the first city in Hunedoara County with mobile applications: a cityapp and an active webmap.

In the series of activities designed to promote the new tourist resort Uricani, the municipality has developed, with the help of partners specialising in the IT industry, an application designed to promote the tourist area of ​​the resort and the city of Uricani as a whole. The application, entitled “CityApp Uricani” can be downloaded to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, free of charge, from the ApStore or by following the link: .uricanicity & hl = ro & gl = US & fbclid = IwAR2YwLWob-E0HZ0vhCKqUUYpXxHJBKQArtkOfkAR3Oy0whQshbm8iVQOOc8

The application is available in 3 languages ​​(Romanian, English and German), which can be changed from the main menu. “Uricani CityApp” is an application designed for both tourists and locals who are offered information on the most attractive points of interest and events in the area, but also information on the offer of specific services (accommodation, restaurants, bars, points and information offices tourism) as well as a series of local news (press releases of the town hall). All points of interest contain details such as: pictures, text, address, phone / mobile phone with direct dialling, email address with the ability to send a message using the phone’s email function, website, schedule, location on Google maps and options navigation.

The application “Uricani CityApp” is a modern tool, especially useful both for tourists visiting the newest tourist resort of local interest in the Jiu Valley, but also for residents of the city and the Jiu Valley. Complete information about the tourist offer of Uricani resort can also be obtained from the information point (National Center for Information and Tourist Promotion of Uricani), located right at the entrance to the city from Lupeni.

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