The Lake Balaton Gastro Map

The Lake Balaton Gastro Map: Fostering Growth through Cooperative Gastronomic Tourism

The Lake Balaton Functional Region is increasingly promoting all-season tourism and its rich gastronomic offering is a major asset to attract tourists all-year-round. To help visitors and locals navigate the wealth of options and promote quality services in a coordinated way, the Lake Balaton Gastro Map was developed at the grassroots level. As a tool that benefits visitors and promotes local gastronomic businesses, it features¬† restaurants and food shops from the entire region. The map serves as a great example that demonstrates the idea that “alone we go fast, together we go far.”

The initiative was developed by Judit Szauer, a gastro-communications specialist with a strong attachment to the wider Lake Balaton Region. She started this map in 2015 as a means to foster a cooperative environment in the gastronomic field while also helping tourists find the best spots for enjoying Hungarian and international cuisine. 

The Gastro Map is a key instrument for integrated tourism, driven by the community. It acts as a compass to further the idea of cooperation and collaboration within the Lake Balaton Region, supporting its growth and providing a better experience for tourists.

Overall, the project included the creation of a printed map made entirely from recycled materials, a user-friendly app, a website, and two social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). The network of partners comprises over 250 restaurants and wineries, benefiting around 130,000 individuals, as stated on the official website of the Lake Balaton Gastro Map.

We encourage you to use the Lake Balaton Gastro Map and consider implementing a similar initiative in your area to enhance all-year tourism. More details about the map are available here: