TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit between Krakow Metropolitan Area and Cluj Metropolitan Area

Advancing Integrated Metropolitan Development: TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit between Krakow Metropolitan Area and Cluj Metropolitan Area

Krakow Metropolitan Area has fostered a two-day study visit for Cluj Metropolitan Area, aimed at facilitating know-how transfer and experience sharing through the TAIEX-REGIO Peer2Peer program. The focus of this exchange was on the capitalization of EU funds, specifically the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF), for implementing the visions set out in their Integrated Urban Development Strategies (IUDS). As such, the experience exchange covered a physical study visit in Krakow Metropolitan Area, allowing participants to learn from each other’s experiences on the ground.¬†

The Krakow Metropolitan Area has opted for a mixed format of events to maximize the capacity-building potential of the initiative. During the study visit, the participants had engaging discussions on effective collaboration systems for metropolitan areas, strategies for cohesion, strategic planning from preparation to implementation, the concept of “soft urban planning,” and city and metropolitan branding. Additionally, the site visits to various municipalities in the Krakow Metropolitan Area have provided valuable insights into economic development, sustainable mobility challenges, and the creation of recreational spaces in urbanized areas to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The exchange between Krakow Metropolitan Area and Cluj Metropolitan Area  was a fruitful experience by fostering mutual learning and cooperation in advancing the implementation of their respective Integrated Urban Development Strategies through the strategic use of EU funds.