Restauration of the Mining Museum in Petroșani



The Mining Museum of Petroșani is the only building of technical coal mining culture. He entered the cultural circuit in the country and abroad, being the host of countless exhibitions of numismatics, mining technology and more. The Mining Museum was established based on the Decision of the People’s Council of Hunedoara Region of August 4, 1961. Initially, the museum was located in a house located within the Central Park, thus making changes such as removing and replacing doors and dismantling certain rooms. Because the exhibition space was very small, it was decided to move the location of the museum to its current location in 1966. In recent years, the museum has deteriorated physically and morally, requiring its restoration and enhancement. from a tourist and educational point of view.


The Petroşani Mining Museum was reopened to the public on June 1, 2021. It was completely remodelled with an EU-funded investment. “The total value of the investment from the Mining Museum was 4.94 million lei, the value of the non-reimbursable financing being 4.84 million lei. The museum building has been repaired, consolidated and equipped with an elevator that provides access from the basement to the attic. It was equipped with facilities and equipment to ensure the utilities and conditions of air conditioning, fire safety, burglary, with furniture for displaying and protecting cultural heritage. The area in front of the museum has been redeveloped with alleys, sidewalks and green spaces. The Mining Museum was inaugurated in 1967 and operates in a century-old building. His collections present the history of coal mining and the development of mining technology.

“The museum is also worth reading. Beyond the exhibits, which are 98% original, we also have stories. We are not just a technical museum. We are a technical and story museum. We timed it and, in order for a visitor to be able to go through it in its entirety, it takes about an hour and a half – two hours “, explained the museographer Marian Boboc. Also, inside the museum there is a section entitled Mountain Museum, developed within the participatory budgeting program of Petroșani Municipality.

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