Prosto i Kropka (Straight and Dot) in the Kalisko-Ostrowska Agglomeration



Maximum simplification of the official language and the entire communication between the applicant and the official, but also between the employees of the office and other institutions.


The Kalisko-Ostrowska Agglomeration has joined the program of the Ministry of Investment and Development “Prosto i Kropka (Straight and Dot)”.

The Ministry of Investments and Development is making efforts to ensure that offices and public institutions throughout the country simplify the language of communication with clients, local government residents and entrepreneurs. President Krystian Kinastowski, on behalf of the entire Kalisko-Ostrowska Agglomeration, was invited to the ministry building in Warsaw to sign a declaration on this matter.

The signing of the declaration means that the institutions acceding to the agreement undertake to promote the idea of ​​simple language in their institutions, but also among people with whom they cooperate. It is also introducing solutions in line with the idea of ​​simple language and the willingness to create language standards and encouraging employees to use them.

The language and method of communication are one of the most important issues in the work of a local government, because it can be a good showcase of the office, it is the first line of contact with the residents, but it can also be an obstacle. That is why it is so important that the self-government – from the highest authorities to each individual official – uses a comprehensible language that facilitates the understanding of legal complexities or official procedures.

Actions “Prosto i dot” is an educational campaign aimed at improving the written communication of European Funds, so that more people could reach for European Funds and their implementation was more efficient.

The aim of the “Prosto i dot” program is to introduce easier language in offices so that it is logical and adapted to the needs of the recipient.

As part of the project, new language standards will be created, in particular the simplification of letters in administrative proceedings, which will facilitate contact with residents.

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