Metropolitan public transport – Oradea Metropolitan Area



The total number of commuters between Oradea and other localities in the county is approximately 25,000 people/day, by cars and public transport. There is also a growing number of residents moving to localities in the metropolitan area, and more than 15% of the total employed population in each of these localities commute to Oradea. Therefore, a joint approach was needed to ensure high-quality public transport services, reduce pollution and minimize the use of individual cars.   



Within the Oradea Metropolitan Area, 6 of the 12 associated localities (Oradea Municipality, Borș, Cetariu, Paleu, Ineu and Sânmartin communes) are part of the TRANSREGIO Intercommunity Development Association, created in 2012. The public transport service in the 6 localities is provided by the Oradea Local Transport regional operator, on the basis of delegation contracts. The transport network at the metropolitan level includes 9 routes to neighboring localities.

The amount of compensation granted to the operator by each local administration is is proportional to the number of kilometres traveled within each administrative territorial unit. Routes, stations, transport schedule and fares are approved directly by the Local Council. 

Since 2019, residents of the Oradea Metropolitan Area have been able to purchase tickets using contactless methods. Real-time information about routes is also available to travelers in the stations. Students and pupils benefit from a discount of 50% off the full price of the monthly price, while retirees benefit from free local public transportation.

The transport fleet has been modernized progressively since 2009 and ensures a quality travel experience. A successful INTER-REG project was implemented between 2019-2021, aimed at improving the public transport service in the border localities of Oradea and Debrecen. The lead of the project was the Oradea Local Public Transport Company, in partnership with the TRANSREGIO Intercommunity Development Association (Romania) and the  Debrecen Transport Company (Hungary). As part of this project, the Oradea Local Public Transport company purchased its first hybrid bus, along with 6 other new Mercedes Euro 6 buses, and also elaborated a Transport Development Plan, a Passengers Traffic Flow Study and an Automatic Vehicle Location and passengers information system at the level of Oradea.

Through this project, the TRANSREGIO IDA developed a cross-border public transport route planner (mobile application) at the metropolitan level, giving passengers the possibility to schedule their trips in the two cities. The app is available in Romanian, Hungarian and English on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Recently, other 15 hybrid buses and 20 trams were purchased through EU funds, accompanied by investments in modernizing the depot and rebuilding the operational base. In the next programming period, the city of Oradea and its metropolitan area will continue to access European funds to further modernize the existing fleet (with over 100 electric, hybrid and hydrogen buses), aiming to become one of the most performant cities in terms of public transport in Romania. 

The extension of the local public transport network, to fully cover all communes in the metropolitan area is also planned, along with the connection of all communes through bicycle lanes. Extending the tram system to connect Oradea with Sânmartin commune (where Băile Felix, one of the most attractive spa resorts in Romania is found) and the introduction of a metropolitan train are also on the list of priorities.  

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