Takeaways from the Knowledge Exchange on Strengthening Urban-Rural Links for the Functional Areas in the EU

Discover the main insights from our workshop on urban-rural links, which was attended by 125 representatives from various functional areas. This workshop was part of a series of knowledge exchange activities organized under the “Functional Areas in the EU” project.

At the beginning of the workshop, Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu, Senior Urban Development Specialist at the World Bank, and Laura Hagemann, Policy Officer for Territorial and Urban Development at the European Commission, set the stage with insightful introductory remarks. The role of the project Functional Areas in the EU in strengthening urban-rural links was highlighted while emphasizing the environment created by the European Union to support such endeavors. Both speakers emphasized the European Union’s dedication to promoting sustainable development and underscored the significance of urban-rural links within the broader European context.

Ionuț Mărieș, Senior Urban Development Expert at the World Bank, then delved deeper into the key factors for successful urban-rural partnerships. His comprehensive presentation covered:

  • Methodological Framework: Discussion of three methodologies used by reputable organizations, including the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, the United Nations, and Nobel Prize Laureate Elinor Ostrom. These methodologies offer valuable guidance for establishing effective urban-rural linkages.
  • Case Study: Highlighting the “Fruits of the City” initiative in the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, Romania, as a successful approach to connecting small agricultural producers with clients. This case study demonstrated the potential impact of market urban-rural linkages.
  • Proposals for Strengthening Urban-Rural Linkages: Exploring various options and proposals aimed at enhancing collaboration and connectivity between urban and rural areas.
  • The workshop provided valuable insights, practical examples, and proposals to foster successful urban-rural partnerships. It addressed questions ranging from branding products to collaborating with local authorities and identified EU funds that support these initiatives.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the ideas discussed in this article and learn more about strengthening urban-rural links for functional areas in the EU, we encourage you to review the presentation and watch the event.

The Knowledge Exchange Presentation:

Urban-Rural Linkages

Exploring urban-rural interdependencies for cohesion and economic growth

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June 7, 2023

9.00 AM (CET time)

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Knowledge Exchange

World Bank

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