Takeaways from the Knowledge Exchange on Land Suitability Analysis Workshop

Take a moment to find out the key takeaways of our workshop on land suitability analysis, attended by 144 participants representing functional areas. This workshop is part of the planned knowledge exchange activities, which focus on topics of relevance to the FAs in the EU and are developed under the “Functional Areas in the EU” project. 

The workshop began by emphasizing that the Land Suitability Analysis (LSA) is a data-intensive tool that can be used for strategic and spatial planning purposes at the local and regional levels. Moreover, it highlighted that the LSA employs computing power to analyze large volumes of data and generate results that can aid human decision-making. Pawel Weis, the first speaker and representative of the Rzeszow Functional Area, managed to successfully encompass the latter information while  explaining that the functional area used the Land Suitability Analysis as a foundation for more efficient and sustainable spatial and strategic planning. To further showcase the importance of the LSA for the Rzeszow Functional Urban Area (RFUA), Grzegorz Wolszczak, World Bank representative, followed and presented the LSA’s results, various analytical angles and four versions of analysis, as well as the strategic development areas and green-blue areas. 

The final presentation was held by Zoltan Coraian, representative of the Cluj Metropolitan Area, who illustrated how the Cluj Metropolitan Area replicated the Rzeszow model and used the Land Suitability Analysis as a platform for engaging a wide array of stakeholders for better planning of the metropolitan territory. Overall, the presentation exemplified how the land suitability analysis can provide support for coordinated planning at the metropolitan level and help identify interventions for improving the competitiveness and sustainability of a functional area.

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The Knowledge Exchange Presentations:

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Rzeszow Functional Area: Spatial planning

Rzeszow Functional Area: Spatial planning in functional areas: an example from the Rzeszów Functional Urban Area

Rzeszow Functional Area: Land Suitability Analysis

Rzeszow Functional Area: Land Suitability Analysis

Cluj Metropolitan Area

Cluj Metropolitan Area: How to Delineate Strategic Development Areas at the Metropolitan Level

Useful Tools:

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Methodology on Land
Suitability Analysis

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