Brno iD – Do it online



The challenge was to provide services and communicate to citizens in an electronic way.


The objective is to gradually make the user account in the e-shop become an urban electronic identity (which is called Brno iD). In the future, this identity can be used in a wide range of services to which customers will gain access.

Through Brno iD these 10 areas can be handled:

  • Public transport
  • Waste
  • Brnopas tourist card
  • Library
  • Brno Zoo
  • Sports
  • Residential parking
  • City cemeteries
  • Voting and survey module
  • Gift vouchers

The project started with the implementation of electronic season tickets for public transport and the creation of an e-shop of city services.

The public administration tries to make the city for the next generation. With clever services, higher quality of life and a clear vision. This also means that people spend less and less time using unnecessary administration. The project gradually simplifies access to city services. Through the project the team hopes that most of the things can be made in the future from the comfort of home.

So far, it made it easier to purchase travel tickets online, pay for waste, buy tourist cards with many benefits, access to Jiří Mahen Library account and services, offer part of Starez-Sport services, Kraví hora sport area services or all products of Brno Zoo. This portal,,  offers creation or interlinking of city parking accounts or settlement of contracts or gardening services with the Brno City Cemetery organisation. It will develop other services and modules. The goal is Smart Brno, where the citizens do not have to run for offices because of every little thing.

Other best practices

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